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Diamond Dressers, Industrial Diamond Tools, Single Point Diamond Dressers, Multi Point Diamond Dresser, Mumbai, India
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Multi Point Diamond Dresser
Lawncare Equipment
Diamond Turning Tools
STIHL Products
Multipoint Indexable Crown
Bringgs And Stratton Aircool Portable Pertol Engines
Diamond Lapping Compound
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Blade Type Dresser
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Chisel Diamond Dresser
Murray Rideon Lawn Tracker
Chisel Diamond Dresser
Agriculture Equipment
  Sales Office :
  " Ha-Ko Enterprises - Manufacturing." 
Plot 1 - A Cama Industrial Estate, Service Road,  Off. I. B. Patel Road, Goregaon (East),  Mumbai - 400 063, Maharashtra, INDIA. 
  Tel. : 91-22-26852596 / 6570 4946
  Fax : 91-22-26864217
  E-mail :
Abour Us

Every lawn is different which is why Ha-Ko has developed a comprehensive range of lawn and garden equipment. Most Hako mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. With nearly 30 years history of manufacturing excellence, hako combines quality and innovation with reliability you can trust.

Hako's Mission: To be a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer outdoor, sports, ground equipment & power products in our chosen markets worldwide.

For Ha-Ko Group there is a clear and simple vision: to create a seamless distribution system that delivers quality products to a receptive market. Our goal is to grow market share through our distribution partnerships.

Ha-Ko, mumbai manufacturer & supplier of lawn mower, grass cutter, lawn tractor, pitch mower, golf green mower, turf equipments, top dresser, aerator, allet mowers, zero cut mowers, rotary blade, cylinder blade mower, reel mower, lawn mover, electric mower. Lawncare Equipments, incorporated in year 2008 (a part of Ha-Ko Group), focuses mainly on today’s modern mechanization equipments. Lawncare has wide range of small- medium size Machines which are useful for horticulture and agriculture fields.

India has a huge future requirement for small powered equipments that is replacing the manual tools. Bearing in mind many factors such as rugged design, light weight, compact, & should also be economical our equipments are partly sourced from overseas manufactured and assembled in India with our home brand ‘Lawncare TM’.

Being also the authorized distributor for below Brands, lawncare Equipments like to work very closely with the manufacturer by sharing information and developing right product for Indian conditions.